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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 7, 2010. Notes from the Underground

My wife hates the Subway because of the filth. I hate the Subway, because of the fear.

Have you ever noticed how people lean over the platform to see if a train is coming? Does that speed up the train? It must. I often take an involuntary step backwards. I recognize this and stay far away from the edge of the platform. Therefore, my trains are very slow.

The steps are steep and only accommodate two abreast. Therefore, the inconsiderate person walking downstairs forces that teenage couple walking upstairs to unclasp their hands. More often than not the teenage couple, or the five friends walking together are cognizant of their rights, so that inconsiderate elderly man will just have to wait at the top of the steps. Anyhow, what's his problem, he has a walker to lean on.

Steps are no fun with PD. I sometimes feel like Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo, when I'm at the top. I must hold on to the rail, while trying to avoid the six month old piece of chewing gum on the underside.

Today, I have an appointment in Manhattan. Since I no longer drive in Manhattan there is no choice. Did I ever tell you about the first time that I drove in Manhattan? It was July 13, 1977.

Do you know the significance of that date? The entire City of New York blacked out.

Ii was with the young lady that I was seeing and her younger sister at Lincoln Center seeing Boz Scaggs in concert. Half way through the concert the lights went out. The two ladies and I got into my 69 Impala and drove back to New Jersey. I dropped them off and turned around and drove back through the City to Long Island. The Bronx was burning.

You would think after that experience driving downtown at Holiday Season would be easy.

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