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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 28, 2010. Don't Do Today what you can put off until Tomorrow.

Forty-One years ago yesterday, a tone deaf child with braces proclaimed "today I am a man." Isn't it strange that at 13 we are required by Religious leaders to lie in Temple?

Four years later a tall, unkempt boy graduated from High School. The Headmaster, who had no use for me while I was there, told me how proud he was. It seemed that I entered a boy and left a man. Hopefully he has moments of guilt over his lack of veracity. Since I was the world's greatest procrastinator, teachers from the school still contact me about homework assignments that I failed to turn in.

Two years later, as I arrived home from 11 weeks abroad, 6'2" + and 179 pounds (mostly hair), I thought now I know everything. Two things that I didn't know is that I would never see Europe or that weight again.

A year later, while planning out his future, something that no 20 year old knows enough to do, I decide on Law School, because I don't want to go to work yet.

Entering Law School at night, was when I first realized the lie told at 13. I was not yet an adult. Most of my classmates were returning to school, after already having careers as Police Officers, Teachers. Accountants etc...For the first time my large frame felt small.

1982 upon graduating from Law School and not having a job, but, I did know a half a dozen words in Latin, I realized the lie that I had spoken 12 years earlier.

After two years of working at the definition of a "dead-end job," I open "Crazy Marky's world of law." Since I never understood how to bill, I was practically, "just giving it away." Money did come in, but I was still living "hand to mouth," only more got in the mouth.

In 1994 I married a very fine, adult woman. Because she wanted children, I gave her a 37 year old child.

Jump ahead, today I'm 54. Obviously in a reflective mood. I have a manageable case of Parkinson's Disease. You ask, when did I become an adult. I'll take care of that tomorrow.

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