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Monday, September 24, 2012

About a month and a half ago, I started what was for me a rigorous exercise program.    Parkinson's has afforded me too much free time, so after six years, I decided to put it to good use.  I thoroughly researched exercise bikes.

This brought back fond memories, because at one time, in the seventies, my dad was the number 1 dealer of Schwinn exercise bicycles in New York City.  So therefore, I was not unhappy when my research had me settle upon a Schwinn.

I was skeptical about whether  I would stick to the program.   On the bottom of the cap of a Snapple bottle, I once read that "A Goldfish has an attention span of two seconds."  John Lennon may claim that he is the Walrus, but I am the Goldfish!

I started at 20 minutes a day,  I now, 45 days later, am doing a consistent 90 minutes, in three increments.   It also has made it possible for me to increase my walking to a little bit more than 2 miles a day.

What made me keep up with it?  I realized that I'm a statistics nut,   So by using excel, I created charts that would show my progress.  Being very competitive helped too, because each day I compete against myself.

So what have been the effects?

1)  My Meds seem to last longer;
2) My posture is vastly improved, therefore my neck no longer hurts;
3) I walk at a faster pace;
4) I'm snacking less;
5) I'm much happier and more optimistic.
6) That gut that I've had, that creates a total eclipse of my feet, is slowly going away.

This is a simple activity, that doesn't involve an increase in your meds, nor any invasive surgery, that we can all do, compete with yourself.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Life can change overnight.

Seven years ago,  I had a thriving Law Practice.  I worked hard and lived well.  I saved very little.  I started to notice little signs that there was something amiss with my right side.    I've told that story before, no point at telling it again.

The past seven years have seen the onset and progression of Parkinson's disease, losing my father and recently a dear friend,  moving my office from my office to my home, a precipitous decline in business, and strangely a greater appreciation for my life.

I used to feel sorry for myself.  There was no reason.  I had everything and still do.

Parkinson's showed me the fighter in me.   I refuse to let it win.    I will work until I can no longer work, and then I'll find something else to do.   I drove until I no longer could, and then I walked.   There may be setbacks, but there isn't defeat.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Way the New Yorker Drives

It's so much fun being a pedestrian. (To the tune of "My Favorite Things")

Talking on cell phones and ignoring signs written
Keep to the right for this isn’t Great Britain.
Eating your hero and nearly taking some lives
These are the way that the New Yorker Drives.

Talking with two hands on her laps a toy poodle
Don’t try to change her, it’s really quite futile
Clipped the man in the walker, I hope he survives
These are the way that the New Yorker Drives.

Old men with canes making quick daring dashes
It’s their fault that there’s are so many car crashes
Pay no attention, while yelling at wives
These are the way that the New Yorker Drives.

When there’s red lights
And the phone rings
When your coffees cold
You better remember how New Yorkers drive
Your never be, too old