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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 29, 2010. Shake Rattle and Roll

Have we ever spoken about my legs and feet? No? Here's proof that I'm running out of material.

I don't have a typical Parkinsonian tremor. My hands, although slow, are relatively steady. But my legs shake, rattle and roll. Mostly my right leg. I also have difficulty, until my medication has hit the right level, keeping it flat on the ground. The fact that the legs constantly shake and I can't always straighten out my foot, is very uncomfortable. I can, for a few moments at a time, rest my leg upon my CPU. This does the trick, except I'm typing in a contortion similar to what Rosemary Woods, Nixon's secretary, was in when she allegedly erased the 18 minutes of a Watergate tape. It also causes my leg to fall asleep. I hate when that happens, it means that it will be up all night. (Thank you, Stephen Wright.)

Now my legs have always shook. Mrs. Winston, my eleventh grade English teacher, would say that I was disturbing the class. Now Mrs. Winston was a fine lady, but we were reading Sidhartha, If anything I was keeping them awake.

My Dad used to say that I would shake the entire Nassau Coliseum, Maybe that could be a job for me, with its current residents the place needs to be shaken.

The difference is that in those days, when made aware of it, I can control it. Today controlling it is problematical.

So let's review, and pay careful attention, because this is all on the final.

My feet turn in, my legs shake, I walk like a slow Groucho Marx, my arms don't move while I walk, my skin is scaling, my handwriting sucks.

I'm glad that I'm not single. Could you imagine my personal ad?

"Would you like to 'shake, rattle and roll?' well this SWJM
attorney is for you. Do you remember those beds that used
to be in the Catskill Hotels? You know, the ones that would
take a quarter and rock for five minutes. How'd you like
to revisit that every night? Come 'Twist and Shout,' with
me. You'll be Rocking the night away with this 'Day Tripper'
Call between 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM, because that''s usually
when the shaking stops."

Isn't that special?

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