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Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 26, 2010. Day Tripper

Why did I take so long to have, what appeared to others as obvious problems, diagnosed? Because I will now trip out of the closet and acknowledge what my friends have always suspected. I am a Klutz!! I belong to Shlimazel's Anonymous. You've never seen such a group.

"Hello, I'm Marc."

"Hi, Marc."

"I'm a Shlimazel. I've been "trip free" for 4 days. Tuesday, I cut myself shaving with my electric razor."

That is my confession. So when I started to have difficulties with my hands, I thought that "this is what happens to an aging Shlimazel."

As a kid I always compensated for my lack of coordination with quick reflexes, strength and smarts. The reflexes aren't as quick as they once were. The strength has dissipated somewhat. I will never admit to loosing any intelligence. But, you can tell me that I've lost it, if I ever join a tea party.

Days like today terrifies a person with PD. We're expecting in excess of a foot of snow. A trip on the ice could end what's left of my career. Since my business pays for my health insurance, and nobody understands the health care bill yet, it could create a disaster. So I'm in for the day and probably longer.

At the same time, it bores me to tears. Hopefully, I'll enjoy the book that I'm about to begin.

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