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Monday, May 26, 2014

A Day in The lIfe

A Day in The Life
Alright, today's my day off, I don't have Parkinson's disease today. I'm going to pop right out of bed. Well maybe not, I gotta take a pill if I'm going to pop. I'll start not having Parkinson's disease after I take the pill.

Okay no Parkinson's disease the socks should go on easy . Come on, come on , you can do better than that. I remember a time when they would slip on in less than 5 minutes.

Finally got them on. Time for breakfast. No Parkinson's disease , how about some steak and eggs? Better not. This is fantasy, I haven't had sex in 2 years, it seems that blocks the meds. Better not take a chance.

Time for a walk, a run today. I can do it I'm healthy as can be. Wait a second, because of my gait I tore my calf muscle last week. Better not run.

Wow how did that walk take 45 minutes ? After all it was only half mile. Time to stop for a cup of coffee.

This is strange . I'm having difficulty getting out of my chair , and as I sit here my leg is shaking. Luckily for me I brought my meds . Despite the fact that I don't have Parkinson's today I'll take a pill no one will notice. I want to wait 30 minutes , until the meds take full effect.

Oh the hell with this, I'll wait for tomorrow not to have parkinson's

Saturday, May 24, 2014


There was an old joke, " what is the most common disease carried by Jewish mothers?" " guilt."

Unfortunately this isn't the case, studies have shown a higher percentage of Jewish people of Eastern European descent suffer from Parkinson's disease than most other than most other ethnicities. Studies have further found that the same gene that carries Parkinson's disease in these same Eastern European or Ashkenazi Jews may carry Crohn's disease.

So that although no close family member that I know of had Parkinson's disease , my dad and at least three other members of my family suffered or currently suffer from Crohn's disease.

So once again blame comes back to the same culprit. Thousands of years of inbreeding and of Jewish mothers, telling their sons to avoid those with blonde hair and blue eyes has caused this mutation.

I don't blame mom, this is a cruel trick that nature played, not unlike making most great Chinese food non kosher.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

If you ever go searching for your heart's desire, don't go further than the twilight zone.

I don't write like I used to do.    That's because of a myriad of reasons     1)  There is little more to say that hasn't been said by me or somebody else before;  2) When I started writing I was inspired.  I would wake up in the morning with an idea, and watch it take life as it was being written.   Like many things in my life,  I'm not as excited now;  3)  It's more difficult for me to do it.

Number 3 hurts.    I walk slower, I work slower and at times I think slower.      When I was younger, the people who worked for my father would test me doing double digit multiplication in my head.  Most time I could have the answer before they keyed it into the calculator.  Now, as a function of age, I don't expect to be that fast, but I'm slower than I expected.      This bothers me.   Sure, because I have good moments and bad moments (Now is a particularly good moment.)    and I still deny that Parkinson's has slowed my mind, but, it has.  

Is it worse to have your body fall apart or your mind?   With Parkinson's you may get both.

Although I love the law, I hated being a Lawyer.  The training was the right training for me.  I taught me how to think, but then it sent me into a world of Lawyers.   I just had an image of Rod Serling in the opening for the Twilight Zone.

" Submitted for your approval,  one Marc Sherman, an affable fellow about to enter a world of pompous, arrogant people.  He's is entering the Twilight Zone."

However, now that I can't accomplish all that I used to accomplish, I have a determination to do all of the work that I used to do.  Is that natural?  Is that Human Nature?  I think that it is my own determination to survive.

"So what have you learned, Dorothy?"   "That although I may not have known,  I already had my heart's desire.  That is to be myself, and not even Parkinson's can take that away."