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Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2, 2010. Hot Town Summer in the City

I used to love the change of seasons. Now I dread Summer and fear Winter.

One of the common symptoms is that your inner thermometer is off. Some feel unusually cold, others unusually warm. I experience the later. In the summer months I experience "flop sweats." When I go out, within a half of a block of my home, I am profusely perspiring. I'm not talking sweat on the brow. I'm talking gather the animals in pair and build an ark. I know, I'm not being fair to the women out there, as you all longingly regret what you missed out upon.

Winter I fear for the obvious reason. One slip on the ice and my career is over.

I took one slip on Continental Avenue two winters ago. I was alright. A couple of elderly ladies offered to help me up. I felt like Max Bialystock. I got up on my own.

But this is the fall. It's clear and crisp. I'm going outside. Bye.

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