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Sunday, December 16, 2012

No need to live in the past

The progression of this disease seems slow, until I think about it.  

Seven years ago, I noticed a problem with my handwriting.  Today I rarely write,

Six years ago my leg would twitch occasion.  Now it may take hours for the right combination of pills to kick in, and let me sit still.

Five years ago ,  had an office, that I drove to each day, and was making a decent living.   Today, I take the train to a friend's office, who by the way have been wonderful to me,  I make sure to leave before dark,  and I live "hand to mouth."

Four years ago,  I was able to freely travel around the city by subway.  today I avoid them.

Three years ago, I was still driving.   The last time that I drove, in October, I fell asleep.

Two years ago a three mile walk as easy.  Today I sometimes struggle to walk a mile.

One year ago, I spoke loudly and clearly.  Today, I'm told that I mumble.

The past is gone, no point at dwelling on it.  The only way to go on is to be optimistic about the future.