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Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 26, 2010. I Gotta Get out of this Place

Help Me, Please. Send help!

This is what I dread most about Parkinson's. The Blizzard. I can't possibly drive now. I can't go out for a few days. I hate being cooped up.

If I ventured out, old twinkle toes here would likely fall, and then be sued by the city, for breaking the sidewalk.

This is what I dreaded when I moved the office home. I love having people around. I love talking. I love telling a Joke. So you are my company. welcome to my humble Chapeau. Three years at The Sorbonne, and I still get that wrong. (That is paraphrased from "My Favorite Year.")

I guess that I should look at the bright side. I can catch up on my work, all of my files are here. I have no appointments to cancel. But, I'm stuck inside.

Ever since I can recall, I've wanted to be outside. I loved growing up in the "pre video game-playdate era." School was over, we grabbed a ball and found our friends. We played until dark and sometimes later. Today it's a different world.

A few weeks ago, I had a wonderful evening with people that I knew growing up, and reconnected with here on the internet. One of my friends whose knees are damaged, mentioned to another friend, who has had heart trouble, that he'd like to get together with me and play baseball again. A boy can dream.

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