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Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2, 2010. Hold me Tight

As the train slowed down into the Station, I realized that I was off balance. Are my hands, clinging to the bar, strong enough to keep me up, while the pull of the train was fighting against me?

Thoughts went through my mind. Who would be able to lift me if I fell? If I fell upon the tiny lady next to me, would she be flattened as if she were in a "Loony Tunes" Cartoon? Would the Conductor wait for me to get up, or would he stick to the schedule of keeping the train doors open for 1 1/2 seconds? What's to become of the Mallomar in my back pocket? Why do people buy Ann Coulter books? Has anybody ever made it through Ulysses?

As I've previously stated, balance is a key issue for people with PD. My arms were strong enough to hold me up, but I'm convinced that others would have gone down.

On trains I try not to stand too close to somebody, because, all joking aside, if I fell on somebody that person could get seriously injured. I'm also cognizant of who and how far below me somebody might be on steps.

The fall may happen. The damage can be controlled.

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