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Monday, September 26, 2011

September 27, 2011. Even a Tortoise slows down

I've been very busy with work the last few weeks. Except for the weekends, I haven't spent a day in the home office for two weeks. Like all things, this is good and bad.

On the positive side, 1) I'm earning money, 2) I feel vital, 3) I'm seeing people.

On the negative side, 1) I'm exhausted, 2) I realize how far I have slipped in a short time.

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to feel vital and to see people. I can do so much more as long as feel useful.

Today, I started off in Queens Supreme Court. Possibly one of the most miserable places in the City of NY. after having an order signed I walked 4 blocks to the Long Island Railroad. Took the train to Long Island, where I had 2 appointments. Tomorrow and Wednesday, I'm pinch hitting for a friend in my old office.

I spent between 10 and 25 years with these people. Mostly pleasant, sometimes hostile. But I was alive. I'm looking forward to it.

The downside to all of this is that I am physically exhausted. I push myself to walk and not take the train. I've increased the dosage of the Cynamed. That helps, for a few hours. I can't help but realize what the future will bring.

But, with that in mind, I also can't accept it, and must keep on fighting it. Every time I lose an activity, ie Driving, ballgames, I cling to the others that much tighter.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 15, 2011. The Day from Hell

Today was a day from hell. Clients were crazed, Attorneys were crazed, computers were crazed, but strangly enough, I liked it. This was my life prior to PD. The telephones would ring nonstop. I'd always be late getting somewhere. And I hated it.

Damn, I hated this, the hours are ridiculous, the work is monotonous. If I had my diploma translated, it would probably say, "All that thou learneth here, will be of no value to thee in the outside world. Na, Na, Na, Na, Na." So why did I enjoy today?

Someone took it away from me. That is unacceptable. Today, I learned that I can still do it, and because I was busy I was more efficient.

I'm a 54 year old man, with a man's ego. Sitting around the house is painful to me. I loved being active. something that I said years ago is much truer today. "There's no orse feeling than being caught up." If your'e caught up, you're wondering where the next dollar is coming from.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 2, 2011. Markie the Parkie

On the Urban County
Of Queens
Markie the Parkie
Was living his dreams

A nice little county
Where he got all his treats
Commuting was easy
His Car had warm seats
Markie had everything he
ever would need
Only he didn’t know it
He now will concede.

He had, our friend Markie,
The best of it all
But he lacked a vision, you see
Of the long haul
He grumbled did Markie
Or kvetched, was more like it
He’d tell all by phone, e-mails
And all methods of transmit.

He’d moan from his home
And was blind to his bounty
For he never knew
He was the richest in the county
For the home that he lived in
Was clean, safe and secure
But in his late forties,
He was still immature

So Markie’s a Lawyer
With the world by his hand
And Markie, the Lawyer
Didn’t know where he stands.
His health and well being
Were better than most
But in his self pity
He was deeply engrossed.

One day he noticed,
His hands were unsteady
Getting up from a chair
Was difficult, til he was ready
His legs they would shake
And rattle and roll
Of life’s simple chores
He was out of control

“What is it?” Asked Markie.
“Do I have a disease?
Could it be lack of flossing? Or maybe, it’s fleas.
I’m walking much slower, and my writing, it stinks!
My driving is suspect! And, besides all of that,
My face is now frozen, in a stare that is flat.
My body betrays me, what have I got left?
Of hope, you see, I’m clearly bereft!”

He went to the Doctor,
And arrived just on time
But waited and waited,
For the doc to finish his wine
Then long about eight
When the doc cleaned his plate
He asked with a smile
“walk down that aisle.”
While the doc was there sitting
Completing his knitting.

He said, “My dear, Markie,
I’m afraid You’re a Parkie.”
Then Markie the Parkie, said to the doc,
“You know that this comes as quite a shock.”
So Markie the Parkie
Was sad and depressed.
And Markie the Parkie
Would give it no rest.

“Why me?” said he. “I’ve committed no crime.”
When he suddenly realized that he’s just wasting his time.
He’s got no complaints, life is better than most,
So he laughed for the first time, and started a toast.

“I’m Markie the Parkie, and life is just grand.
I’m Markie the Parkie, let me expand.
I’ve had everything, that one could ask for.
Marbles and YoYos, a ride to the candy store.
Life is too short, to be sad and depressed.
Life is too short to feel all distressed.
I’m Markie the Parkie, it’s time for a rest.”