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Saturday, December 4, 2010

December 4, 2010. Am I the King of "Da Nile." or a cockeyed optimist.

May 2006 was a rough month My father, shortly after his 80th birthday, went in for heart surgery. At the same time I had become convinced that there was a neurological problem that caused my difficulty with a pen, a fork etc... After going to my General Practitioner, an orthopedist, a hand surgeon and Neurologist, I was referred to a Parkinson's expert. Within 5 minutes the Doctor had a diagnosis.

Now who do I tell. My family, they were going through enough. My office, Yes, I needed some assistance. My friends, some yes.

Because the three great communications systems are Telegraph, Telephone and "TeleMarc," I told too many people,

Reactions varied. Many claimed to have had relatives who had PD, and lived a long and healthy life. Many were supportive by just being there. Some disappeared.

I've read many things about the disease since then. I know that it can take many paths.

Michael J. Fox, feels that we are within a decade of finding a cure. Whether this is realistic or not, I'll choose to believe him. It wouldn't help anybody otherwise. I'd bring myself down, thereby inhibiting any progress. It would make me a burden to others, something I hate. So I'll remain a combination of the King of denial and a Cockeyed Optimist.

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