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Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 8, 2011. Peter Pan

"Of course there was Old Greggor and his son Young Greggor. Oddly enough, Young Greggor's son was older than Old Greggor. Nobody could figure out how that happened. " Woody Allen, Love and Death

There is supposed to come a time in life where roles between child and parent reverse. The time when the child looks out for the parent.

Due to numerous circumstances, least of which is not my own doing, that event has not completely occurred in my life.

My father died two years ago. My family is convinced, if not for my mother's dedication and diligence, it would have occurred much sooner. Out of respect for my mother, I won't say her age. But, you know my age, so you can calculate the range. She looks and acts 20 years younger.

Mom lives in a wonderful apartment in Manhattan. They purchased this about 25 years ago. This location affords her the opportunity to take classes, go to museums, the opera etc...It basically keeps her young.

Regardless of my mother having discovered "the fountain of youth," why am I still playing the role of child?

Is it Parkinson's? To a limited degree, yes. It would be easy to make PD a scapegoat for my shortcomings. To be frank, I never took the role that I should have. I've remained Peter Pan.

I'm lucky, my Peter Pan life style has only affected my ego. It could have been a lot worse.

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