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Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2010. Regrets, I've had a Few

There are some rough times. Today until the Medications kicked in, I was struggling. Whenever something like that happens, I feel more mortal.

I'm not in as much of a state of denial as I've claim to be. I've read a good deal about the disease, and I know what it can do.

There are certain things that scare the living daylights out of me. 1) The possibility of ending in an Adult Care facility; 2) Any loss of mental capacity; 3) The Yankees signing Carl Pavano.

There is little that I can do about numbers 1 and 2 except exercise my brain and body. There is nothing I can do about number 3.

When I get these feelings of mortality, I start thinking of regrets that I may have had.

1) I regret most of all not having children. I won't get into that any further at this time.
2) I regret not having purchased Long Term Health Care Insurance. If you are over 40, look into this. A nursing home can cost up to $500.00 a day. Medicaid is available for some, but it is a poverty program. Therefore planning should be done how to best qualify and not deplete all of your assets.
3) I regret not getting Life Insurance. I always figured that I had time and without kids, I didn't really need it. Now it's too late.

There is still some planning that can be done. But for now, what I can do is advise my friends not to make the same mistakes. Go see an Elder Law Attorney. Get your affairs in line. It may not be able to wait for tomorrow.

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