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Friday, January 7, 2011

January 7, 2011. If Doctor Seuss wrote this Blog

Apologies to Dr. Seuss

It was early December
The sky it was pouring
Quite cold He'd remember
Another day boring.

He was reviewing a Contract
and while making an annotation
The hand of Marc, The Attorney
was causing him frustration

His writing was shrinking
Microscopic some say
He hadn't been drinking
It just came out that way

He tried felt and ball point
He found no solution
Was Marc, the Attorney
Stuck with written diminution

Soon he detected
discomfort while driving
His foot was affected
the pleasure depriving

Now his arm remained stagnent
whenever he walked
"See a Doctor," his wife said
He no longer balked

He went to the First Doc
Doctor Howard was he
He conferred with his flock
Howard, Fine and Howard made three.

"We don't know the problem
But here is a pill
Please see the receptionist
she'll give you the bill"

He scoured the phonebook
for a Doctor to see
He'd see a urologist,
who just made him pee

The Doctors repeated
the same mantra they sung
"We don't take your insurance.
I hope it's cash that you brung."

About to quit searching
He scoured the nation
He found the one doctor
to ease his frustration.

"You have PD.' he said
"Please take this bill.
Now see the Receptionist
She'll give you my bill"

You've now heard his story
and if you hadn't guessed
the tale is about me
I'm the one so blessed.

Despite all the runaround
the Doctors and Nurses,
I remain optimistic
you'll not hear me curses.

For Depression I found
just wasted my time
I'm done with this tale
I can no longer rhyme.

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