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Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011. Where this man has never gone before.

I belong to a wonderful support group started on facebook. It's comprised of people with Parkinson's and their caretakers.

Today one of the participants was a bit depressed. He had concluded that he would only get worse. I suppose that that is the truth. when I think about it, I get a bit melancholy too. So I try not to think about it. Am I in a state of denial? Somewhat, but I think that that is OK.

Somehow, I've managed, through my greatest challenge, to go where I've never gone before. I've become an optimist.

To what do I attribute this metamorphosis? A couple of factors. 1) I love having people around me. People are more likely to befriend an optimist than a pessimist. 2) I could not go on that way. I didn't want my own company. That's something that there's no way to avoid.

People don't die from Parkinson's they may die from Pneumonia or something else caused by the Parkinson's. So I'm aware of the possibilities, but I'm determined to never let it kill my spirit.

So I've gone where this man has never gone before.

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