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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011. The Thesaurus is not a Dinosaur

Perhaps the aspect of Parkinson's Disease that bothers me most is that the combination of Parkinson's and aging has robbed me of my nearly photographic memory. The long term memory is still there, but the short term memory is bad.

Imagine being able to rewrite your note for a class, and that exercise alone would relegate them to memory. I could do this. Just by rewriting them, I would have them memorized. I could tell you what page and where on the page a particular fact was. It was if I had a snapshot in my mind.

It wasn't only for schoolwork. I would remember important things too. For Instance the roster for 1967 (last place) Yankees. You never know when that will come up in conversation.

People think that I'm a funny guy. Half of the things that I say are from movies that nobody remembers.

I also forget words. Not necessarily unusual words, but simple words. This is particularly upsetting for me. You see I love words. I'm a sesquipedalian. I belong to SA (Sesquipedalians Anonymous). I've completed six steps of the program.

1) I admit that I am a Sesquipedalian;
2) I recognize that the Thesaurus is the higher power that gives me fortitude;
3) I examine prior errors with the help of spell check;
4) I correct these transgressions;
5) learning a new word;
6) helping others who suffer from the same addictions or compulsions. I'll buy them all a Thesaurus.

If you are a Sesquipedalian, tired of having to face a world of those that can't spell avuncular. We are here to solve your conundrum. All that you have to do is acknowledge that you have a problem.

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