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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 11, 2011. So this is what a Courthouse Looks Like.

I hate going to Court. I avoid it whenever possible. The main function of the court is "hurry up and wait."

It's filled with Young Attorney who think that they learned something useful in Law School.

It's filled with Middle Aged Attorneys, that can't believe that this is what their lives have become.

It's filled with pompous Attorneys, that carry with them 250 page briefs, that are only that long because Attorneys need to use three synonyms for every adjective that they use.

I guess that it serves a purpose. It keep Lawyers off of the streets.

Today, I'm going to Court. In Riverhead of all places. I can drive out there, but since the calendar is at 3:00 PM, I'd be driving back at night. I don't do that anymore. It's one of the activities that I have given up due to the PD.

The next choice is the train. The last train to Riverhead arrives at 10:30 AM. Assuming that it takes 10 minutes to get to the Court, I'd have 4 hours and 20 minutes for lunch. The return train leaves at 3:50 PM. If I miss that one, the next train leave at 10:20 PM. There's not much one can do in Riverhead for 12 hours.

My wife is going to drive me. This is wonderful of her, but it bothers me nonetheless. Not because she is nice enough to drive me, but because she has to drive me.

It's not the loss of independence that bothers me. It's the loss of the option of independence that bothers me. It's very important to the ego to believe that you can still be the one who is relied upon. To request this ride was not easy.

I see this happening more and more. My reactions may not be logical, but I'll bet that they are common. You spend years growing up, so that you can be the one relied upon, then one day, it's all taken away from you.

I used to go to Yankee Stadium at night via subway. Now I no longer go to the Stadium and, because of the stairs, I avoid the subway if possible. Is the Stadium still there?

I used to go to out of town conferences. If possible I drove. I'd bring all of The Beatles CDs in the car. Those hours of solitude with just the music were extremely relaxing. I'll never do that again.

I've always hated Court. I avoid it whenever possible. I wish that I could go to Court today, by myself. You don't always realize what you enjoy, until it is taken away.

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