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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18, 2011. Sweet Melissa

There are people in your life that will always hold a special place in your life.

One of those is my cousin Melissa. When I decided to do this Unity Walk, Melissa was one of the first to join in. Not only did she volunteer to walk and donate money, she took the bull by the horns. She posted on her facebook, she wrote the relatives, she designed a t-shirt.

She's 15 years younger than I am. She was always my adorable little cousin. She's long since past being a child. Our relationship has grown into a friendship. She's one of my favorite people. Melissa has two beautiful young children, she goes to school, where did she find time for this? It doesn't surprise me, her enthusiasm and generosity have always been a large part of what makes her a wonderful woman.

Melissa's enthusiasm is contagious. She is one of many family members whose support has kept me going.

Thank you Mellie, this has been my favorite essay.

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