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Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 16, 2011. Fight the Fights that you can win.

On a Parkinson's page of facebook, one of the subscribers mentioned how he had too many beers, they didn't mix well with his medications, and he got into a fight with his wife. Although the first part, too many beers, is unlikely to ever effect me (I've had one beer in 20 years), I sure that any person with PD and the caretaker can relate to the second part.

My wife is a Geriatric Physician. She is brilliant, logical, diligent and disciplined. I am bright, far from brilliant. I am logical when it comes to work, but often illogical in life. I want to live until I die. That attitude leads to bad decisions. I am not diligent. Although I've been quite disciplined when it comes to writing this blog, I am far from disciplined.

Tick, Tick, Tick....

Can you say time bomb? How do we deal with this situation? Often times, not well.

Parkinson's adds stress to a marriage. The role of the caretaker and the inflicted party often clash. I've done things that I shouldn't have, without telling her, in order to avoid a fight. Invariably I feel bad after the fights, because I realize that she is only looking out for my welfare.

So I try to live my life by one rule: Fight the fights that you can win. When I find one, I'll let you know.

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