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Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4, 2011. The Great Escape

My business, like most others, is "what have you done for me lately." Recently a client that I've represented for twelve years threaten to go to another Attorney, because I quoted a $1,250.00 fee on a $500,000.00. In 1998 when they purchased the hone for $287,500.00, I charged them $750.00. Percentage wise the fee actually went down.

I've lost clients due to vacations and sick days. I've even had a client angry at me for being in the bathroom when he called.

Clients often get angry when I can't answer their two favorite questions, 1) "When will the other Attorney call you back?" I don't know, I'll get out my crystal ball and check; 2) "How come my friend didn't have to pay that?" I don't know, I wasn't at you frien'd closing.

Everybody has a friend who is an expert.

So imagine how long I'd be in business if I fell and got hurt. This is my wife's big concern. So on these cold wintery days, I often don't leace the nome office. Of course there are those days when I tunnel out. Invariably the warden catches me, and I'm back in solitary.

As usual she's right. I wouldn't dare tell her otherwise. But what if, just this once, she's mistaken? What if, it's mentally healthier for me to get out occasionally? Oh hell! I'll never win that argument.

So tomorrow, Saturday, I'll be back in my office. Doing work and thinking of My Great escape.

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