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Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18, 2011. Born to Run

I hate the Stairmaster. There is a constant "give and take" between my Physical Therapist and me.

PT: Do you want to start on the stairmaster?

MS: Do I want to? I did it.

PT: When?

MS: Three weeks ago.

So I start on the bike. Go to the treadmill. Then we begin again.

PT: Did you go on the stairmaster?

MS: Yes, last time that I was here.

Ultimately she wins. Despite they're insistance, that I exercise on the stairmaster, they treat me well. They even let me choose the music. There was no need to change the station, Buddy Holly was singing "Everyday." There I am climbing to a song that I love.

Every step, I a steppin slower
Goin slower then an unplugged toaster.

My PT sees that at 2 minutes, the approximate length of the song, I'm about ready to stop partaking in this foolhardy venture, so she switched to THE BOSS. Now Rosalita is coming out tonight, and I'm still climbing. He's telling Jack about his wife and kids in Baltimre and I;m still climbing, He's Dancing in the Dark and I'm still climbing.

I was on that contraption for 15 minutes. The new Sherman indoor, freestyle, stupid exercise record.

So although, Bruce and Buddy are both among my favorites, For exercising, I'll stick to Springsteen.

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