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Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20, 2011. Little Deuce Coupe

I saw a commercial today that stated that the average American will own twelve cars in his or her lifetime. A car to a man is often called an extension of his "ego." (Not really, but there are ladies out there.)

I now own the last car that I will ever own. Probably the last car that I will ever drive. It's a 2003 Honda Accord. It has 203,000 miles on the odometer. Most of that driving having taken place in the first three years. It's a great car, extremely efficient, but it's not sexy.

In his fifties an American man should own a sexy sports car. There's something about a man in his fifties, squeezing his excess weight behind the wheel of a Corvette convertible. Picture the hair weave or comb-over blowing in the wind. The sun glasses with the mirrors on the inside, so he can always look at himself. The inappropriate nubile 23 year old, smacking her gum, in the passenger seat. You see there are bright sides to Parkinson's disease. It has prophylactically rid the world of me being that man!

I've owned cars ranging from a 1969 Impala to a 1977 280 Z to a 1985 Chrysler Le Baron to a 1999 Saturn. A car to me was a vehicle (although I must admit I did love the 280 Z). Now my vehicle of choice is the city bus. Although I miss the freedom and convenience of driving wherever I want to (I still drive, but I limit it), I look at it as another step in life. I'm lucky; I live in New York City. I can get anywhere by mass transit. I'm headed to my Mother's apartment this morning. It will take me about 1 1/2 hours for, what used to be, a half hour drive. But, I don't mind. I'll save money, I'll bring a book. It's life, make the best of it.

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