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Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011. If you can't stand the heat.....

I'm now home from my walk. 2.4 miles, numerous stops. I now smell like the rest of NY in the summer. NY is an ideal place for someone who can't take the heat. The humidity rarely exceeds 99% and there are these wonderful tall buildings to trap the stagnant air. The sanitation department does such a wonderful job. They allow you to visit Monday's garbage at the same curb on Friday.

Pre PD, on a day like today, I would have gone into Central Park. It's my favorite place in the world. Now by the time that I'd get near the Museum of Modern Art, I would smell like a recently dug up ancient relict. They would put glass around me and make me into an ancient exhibit.

Can't you see it now? You're walking through the park on a beautiful day. You come across the Egyptian Obelisk, "Cleopatra's Needle". This was a gift to the United States from Egypt on the 1880's. So you know that your at the magnificent Museum of Modern Art. You go around to the front. On Fifth Avenue the vendors are selling buttons of the museums newest exhibit, "King Marcankhamun." You must go. The exhibit is scheduled to tour the country.

After you leave the impressionists, and spend some of your Monet at the gift shop, you meander past the African room. Where you see this magnificent exhibit. First you walk through the childhood memories of Kong Marcankamun. There are pictures with Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra. There is his Schwinn Orange Krate.

You think, "Oh my, that couldn't be, but it is, 200 MAD Magazines."

Next comes the picture of the King, as a child, reading the four questions: 1) Why a Duck?; 2) Who's on First?; 3) How fast does a Swallow fly?; 4) Does Your Dog Bite? Now the King's religion was rarely spoken about, but here is the proof of his pious soul.

You come to a room, with a large curtain. People are all waiting to see what is behind the curtain. The curtain opens, It is King Marcankamun. He speaks, "Good evening, Ladies and Germs...." The crowd quickly dissipates.

Later when asked about the exhibit, you say, "The exhibit was good, but I'd pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."

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