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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3, 2011. This is Facebook, It's not life

Clearly I talk a lot. I love eliciting a debate, and then sitting back and watching the results. Sometimes it gets out of hand. A few years ago there was a nasty fight over the meaning of Don McLean's American Pie. You see, we are talking about important stuff.

I used to occasionally post things on a political chat room. I'd get all incensed at the insults. Life has been far more peaceful since I decided to quit.

Until yesterday I was a member of a few Parkinson's Facebook Support groups. I met some wonderful caring people at these sites. The folks at these sites started to fight among themselves. The purpose of this site is support. I hastily quit the sites. It no longer served the purpose.

I go on the internet when I want a distraction. Not for fights.

There are major issues in life. I have Parkinson's, my business could be much better, each day my future is a mystery. This is Facebook, not life. I will miss the support that I got and that I was able to give, but on balance, I made the right decision.

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