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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1, 2011. Doctor My Eyes

Well, it's that time again. Tomorrow I go to my GP for a physical. Thursday to my Neurologist to have my elbows bent.

Tomorrow is the Three P's, Poking, Proding and Peeing. In less then one hour, and for almost as much money, this man can tell me the same things that my wife does. 1) You need to lose weight; 2) You eat too many sweets; 3) I'd like to see you in a year. Same things that my wife says.

On Thursday, I get to bend my elbow, do the "talky, talk" song from South Pacific, count back from 100 by 7's (I'm good at that), and walk down a hall.

I guess that these visits are necessary, if only to rule out that I don't have Hoof and Mouth Disease, but I'm tired of Doctors. I can't count the number of Doctors that I've seen the last few years.

There was the one who cleans my ears, the one you checked on my back and told me that I was done playing ball, the one who checked my elbow, the one who checked my hand, the one who told be that my MRI showed nothing Dr Howard, Dr Fine and Dr. Howard.

These people go where no man has gone before.

There are one Doctor who I don't tire of, Dr Seuss.

I do not want your hand up there
I certainly don't want the pair.
If you want to check that place,
at least please kiss me on the face
I'm tired of the Docs that I see,
I'm sure by now that they're tired of me!

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