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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23, 2010

For those of you younger than 45, I think that I should explain the title to the blog, "But This is the Hand that I shoot with." It's me remembering a line wrong from "Blazing Saddles." "Blazing Saddles" is widely considered one of the funniest movies ever made. Clevon Little plays Bart, Gene Wildler is The Waco Kid.

Bart: (disbelieving) The Waco Kid. He had the fastest hand in the West.
The Waco Kid: In the world.
Bart: Well, if you're the Kid, then show me something.
The Waco Kid: Well, maybe a couple of years ago, I could have shown you something, but today, look at that. (He holds up his right hand - and it is steady without shaking)
Bart: Steady as a rock.
The Waco Kid: Yeah, but I shoot with this hand. (His left hand shakes wildly)

I've often used this gag when I discuss my Parkinsons.

It makes me laugh. My choice is either be depressed or make jokes. I choose to make jokes.

It may be a defense mechanism, but it keeps me from being morose and in turn making others morose.

Everybody has difficulties that they deal with. Some deal with them better than others. I see no problem talking about your problems, if that is what you choose to do, without complaining about them.

I love humor. I can watch The Marx Brothers, Sid Caesar, Chaplin over and over again. At my lowest moments they can snap me out of it. Laughter is a great cure.

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