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Monday, November 15, 2010

November 14, 2010

Recently when asked to describe PD, I said, " it's like Viagra having the desired effect on every other part of your body, except where it is aiming." That's a bad day. On a good day, I hardly notice the disease.

My dad lived his last 50 years with chronic Chron's Disease. He never complained. If the disease progresses, I hope to follow his example. Although I'm the least spiritual person that you'll ever know, I know somehow he'll let me know if I screw up. Whenever I see an old Schwinn Bike (Dad sold Schwinns) I feel like he's sending me a message. It's a comforting feeling.

I was advised that I would experience certain effects as the disease progressed. One of them is a general slowness. It takes about 20 minutes longer to get ready in the morning I eat slower, I walk slower, I type slower. It's not always bad. There are certain things, that are best when done slower. For just a moment there, many women were having a fantasy about me. I knew that this day would finally come. It wasn't easy being a stud, when nobody else knew about it!

I do digress!!

Back to the premise. I give each and every one of you the license, to tell me to count my blessings, if ever I start to complain.

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