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Thursday, September 4, 2014


Strange Days, Indeed.

These days are strange.  I've actually done more work the last three days than in any three day period since I left my office.   But, there are those pockets, during the day when I can't lift my head and  my legs shake like the magic fingers of a bed in a cheap Catskills Motel in the 1960.     What happens when this occurs while I conducting business?

Strange that you should ask that question, because to a limited extent it occurred yesterday during a closing.     I had timed the pills wrong.       I know that this is always a possibility, so I attempt to do as much as possible before I walk in to the closing.

Math, Algebra, Geometry never scared me.   I was good with numbers.  In my father's store, at slow times, the staff would often try to see if they could put double digit multiplication into a calculator, before I could do it in my head.   I won at least 50% of the time.   One of the few things that I like about what I do is that I have the opportunity to use Algebra and Geometry.    What pisses me off, is that I now have to rely upon a calculator.   Is this a function of age or of Parkinson's disease?

I left my office in 2008.      I have strange, many would call bad work habits.  I work for 20 minutes, get up and pace for 5 and then work again.    When I used to pace at the office, I would talk to someone.  Now, for the most part I'm alone.   I don't mind it sometimes, we all need our time to ourselves, but for the  most part I need people.

I don't have the most exciting job.   I'm an Attorney specializing in Real Estate and Estates.   If you had asked me 10 years ago if I liked my work, I would have laughed.   Now, my main goal is to not quit until it is my choice.    Parkinson's has no choice in this matter.

So today, I will tell clients the same tired jokes.   They will laugh, because it's the first time that they've heard them.  For me, I've honed them over thirty plus years of practice.    At the end of the day, I will hope to tell them tomorrow.

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