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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dorothy gets a job at the Emerald City Neuroscience and Movement Disorder Clinic.

Dorothy gets a job at the Emerald City Neuroscience and Movement Disorder Clinic.

Many years have passed since Dorothy left the land of OZ. Sadly Dorothy and her friends are long gone. Dorothy’s great granddaughter, a young nurse, also named Dorothy, vows to keep the family history alive. She applies, and because of her pedigree is hired, sight unseen, as a nurse at the Emerald City Neuroscience and Movement Disorder Clinic.

Upon her arrival Dorothy is immediately thrown into the fire, so to speak, when Dr. Oz, the mysterious head of the clinic, gives her the job as chief nurse. Elvira, a wicked old nurse, had long sought this job, once held by her late sister, and vowed revenge upon Dorothy.

“I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little job too,” stated Elvira before being escorted from the building.

Dorothy’s first duty is to deal with the Munchkins, a group of very short Insurance Company and drug company sales representatives.

The first patient that Dorothy Encounters is a man in need of dopamine. Dorothy now in pigtails and wearing a blue paid dress and ruby red slippers asks the man.
"What would you do with dopamine, if you had some?”

I said "What would I do with dopamine if! had some? Well 1..." (I start singing)

"My legs would be like Towers,
I'd be able to smell the flowers.
I'd have a normal dream
And the baseballs I'd be catchin'
I might even get some action,
If I had some dopamine.
I would try to play the fiddle,
touch my toes, not just my middle
And walk and not have to scream."

(Nurse sings)
"With the way, you'd be a lookin’
you would really be a cookin'If you had your dopamine"

"Oh I, would close my fly.
I'd remember that it zips.
On the dance floor, I'd remind you of the pips.
In the pool, I would do flips.
instead I stand here shakin',
no longer good at fakin'
I'm not part of the in scene
what happened then? I wonder
someone really stole my thunder
when they took my dopamine.

Dorothy then goes to the next patient who is complaining of a tremor

When a man just moves like Elvis,
'but can’t control his Pelvis,
Nor any other part..
There is no mistakin’
that because I stand here shakin’
I’d like a new fresh start.
I walk softly-I walk slowly
and all of those who know me
hate to watch me fall apart.
And those friends who have forgotten
I surely would not label rotten
I hope that I’m in their heart.
once was I- A handsome guy. Ladies all would swoon.
How I loved the scent of their perfume
Out on a date
I was Great.
Just to relax sitting by the Ocean, quietly no motion.
Now I shake at every part.
I’m getting old and I'm bitter
And soon may need a baby sitter
I’d like a new fresh start.

Dorothy then approaches a third man who complains about constipation and his loss of the ability to smell

Yeh, it' sucks, believe me, nursey,
but something did just curse me
When they took my sense of smell.
I wish that could smell a Hot Dog,
or a fire from a dry log
But I guess it’s just as well.
I'm afraid Constipated,
with a Frank, I’d be frustrated,
When I hear the dinner bell..
So I've have tonight some Ex Lax
No Pizza and No Six Packs
Cause this disease is a living hell..

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