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Friday, September 12, 2014

My new diet

My new diet.

The effects of Parkinson's are not only what is evident to the outside world. Without getting too graphic, the effects on one's digestive system of both the disease and the pills is tremendous.

I love to eat. That picture is me in my younger days (notice the full head of hair) having my traditional meal of old shoes.

Because an old shoe is so heavy, I can no longer eat one. so on Rosh Hashannah, when I arrive at my mother's home, and she serves the traditional sandal with gefilte fish, she will wonder why her 6 foot 2 inch 240 lb son is avoiding his favorite shoe.

My wife has been trying to get me to quit eating shoes for years. "You can no longer eat like you once did. Leather doesn't agree with you, and as you know laces and velcro are binding."

But still I sneak out of the house, go to the cobbler down the street, for my daily snack of a left foot size seven Puma Clyde, with half an Air Jordan. Someday, I'll learn.

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