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Saturday, May 24, 2014


There was an old joke, " what is the most common disease carried by Jewish mothers?" " guilt."

Unfortunately this isn't the case, studies have shown a higher percentage of Jewish people of Eastern European descent suffer from Parkinson's disease than most other than most other ethnicities. Studies have further found that the same gene that carries Parkinson's disease in these same Eastern European or Ashkenazi Jews may carry Crohn's disease.

So that although no close family member that I know of had Parkinson's disease , my dad and at least three other members of my family suffered or currently suffer from Crohn's disease.

So once again blame comes back to the same culprit. Thousands of years of inbreeding and of Jewish mothers, telling their sons to avoid those with blonde hair and blue eyes has caused this mutation.

I don't blame mom, this is a cruel trick that nature played, not unlike making most great Chinese food non kosher.

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