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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

If you ever go searching for your heart's desire, don't go further than the twilight zone.

I don't write like I used to do.    That's because of a myriad of reasons     1)  There is little more to say that hasn't been said by me or somebody else before;  2) When I started writing I was inspired.  I would wake up in the morning with an idea, and watch it take life as it was being written.   Like many things in my life,  I'm not as excited now;  3)  It's more difficult for me to do it.

Number 3 hurts.    I walk slower, I work slower and at times I think slower.      When I was younger, the people who worked for my father would test me doing double digit multiplication in my head.  Most time I could have the answer before they keyed it into the calculator.  Now, as a function of age, I don't expect to be that fast, but I'm slower than I expected.      This bothers me.   Sure, because I have good moments and bad moments (Now is a particularly good moment.)    and I still deny that Parkinson's has slowed my mind, but, it has.  

Is it worse to have your body fall apart or your mind?   With Parkinson's you may get both.

Although I love the law, I hated being a Lawyer.  The training was the right training for me.  I taught me how to think, but then it sent me into a world of Lawyers.   I just had an image of Rod Serling in the opening for the Twilight Zone.

" Submitted for your approval,  one Marc Sherman, an affable fellow about to enter a world of pompous, arrogant people.  He's is entering the Twilight Zone."

However, now that I can't accomplish all that I used to accomplish, I have a determination to do all of the work that I used to do.  Is that natural?  Is that Human Nature?  I think that it is my own determination to survive.

"So what have you learned, Dorothy?"   "That although I may not have known,  I already had my heart's desire.  That is to be myself, and not even Parkinson's can take that away."

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