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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Parkinson's Unity Walk "Shining Star: for July

I guess that we all grow up.   But whoever thought that it would happen to me.

I was the "goof off" in Junior High School, but because of class sizes in New York City, a natural talent for Math and an almost photographic memory, I almost got away with it.  I say almost, because my folks saw right through me.   They sent me to a private High School, where it was believed that I couldn't get away with "goofing off."  To a limited extent they were right.

In small classed in High School, with Teachers who were worried that the sharpest weapon a student would threaten them with was his or her tongue I was revealed for the underachiever and class clown that you see before you.  

Modest grades, but high standardized test scores, got me into the most mediocre of local colleges.   Where on occasion I would work.

Slightly better grades and again decent test scores got me into a fairly decent Law School.  There I must admit,  I worked hard, but just hard enough to be an average Law Student and pass the bar.

I've always taken care of my clients, but I've never had a taxing practice.

I've never wanted to grow up.

My hobbies went from Baseball and Hockey, which due to the inevitable limitations caused by age, to writing.

I love to write.   So I was honored when the Parkinson's Unity Walk wanted to make my team the "Shining Star" for the month of July.   Asking me to write is a dangerous request.    My writing is different.  It has been described as "conversational,"  "irreverent," "pithy," "inane" and "confusing, "

Judge for yourself.


  1. I so enjoy your humor Marc! I'm recently diagnosed and look to others for inspiration, hope and laughter. I participated in the Unity Walk this year with my hubster and I'm in a clinical trial for the drug cogane. Please know that you, along with others, have helped me navigate this new world. Thank you, from the beautiful CT countryside. PS: I love NY!

  2. Thank you, I too love Connecticut. I attended college in a not so beautiful part, Bridgeport. A desert within an oasis.