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Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011.

I've been remiss in my writing lately. Partly because for the first time in three years, my business seems to be back on the right track. Partly because there is little to say.

Parkinson's is not an overnight disease. There is a gradual deterioration. Although I fight it, I have noticed it recently. I keep hoping that it is just the summer heat getting to me, and it might be just that.

Walking outside has been more difficult. I find that I know every park bench in Forest Hills.

May I digress for a second? Some time ago, while walking on Third Avenue, I came across a group of park benches. On them was the following sign, "No Loitering." Can somebody tell me, what else one can do at a park bench, besides Loitering?

My spirits are good.

It's strange, somebody posted something the other day regarding fortune tellers. Being the world's most concrete person, I believe in fortune tellers as much as I believe in Leprechauns.
But even if I didn't think that they were charlatans, why would I want to know the future. I intend to keep living my life until I no longer am living. All that time I will haunt you people with bad puns and song parodies.

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