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Monday, September 24, 2012

About a month and a half ago, I started what was for me a rigorous exercise program.    Parkinson's has afforded me too much free time, so after six years, I decided to put it to good use.  I thoroughly researched exercise bikes.

This brought back fond memories, because at one time, in the seventies, my dad was the number 1 dealer of Schwinn exercise bicycles in New York City.  So therefore, I was not unhappy when my research had me settle upon a Schwinn.

I was skeptical about whether  I would stick to the program.   On the bottom of the cap of a Snapple bottle, I once read that "A Goldfish has an attention span of two seconds."  John Lennon may claim that he is the Walrus, but I am the Goldfish!

I started at 20 minutes a day,  I now, 45 days later, am doing a consistent 90 minutes, in three increments.   It also has made it possible for me to increase my walking to a little bit more than 2 miles a day.

What made me keep up with it?  I realized that I'm a statistics nut,   So by using excel, I created charts that would show my progress.  Being very competitive helped too, because each day I compete against myself.

So what have been the effects?

1)  My Meds seem to last longer;
2) My posture is vastly improved, therefore my neck no longer hurts;
3) I walk at a faster pace;
4) I'm snacking less;
5) I'm much happier and more optimistic.
6) That gut that I've had, that creates a total eclipse of my feet, is slowly going away.

This is a simple activity, that doesn't involve an increase in your meds, nor any invasive surgery, that we can all do, compete with yourself.

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