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Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14, 2012. The Hills are Alive

Had an odd dream last nght. There I was in my palatial estate in Austria over looking the Alps. ( I, of course, have never been to Austria, but it sounds so much better that my 2 Bedroom Coop, overlooking Flushing Meadow Park.) When the Von Trapp children came into my room all freightened. I started to sing in a lovely falsetto voice. (But first I put in my falsetto teeth.)

Frozen cold faces and chairs we can’t sit in
Once in fine fettle, now I look like Fred Gwynn
How strange it feels walking the rare time my arm swings
These are a few of what my PD brings

Can’t distinguish my handwriting from doodle
I shimmer and shake, the whole kit and caboodle
My keys are so sly, they just dance as if on strings
These are a few of what my PD brings

Dishes that fall to the floor in loud crashes
Zippers I didn’t close that cause flashes
Falls in the winters and sweats in the springs
These are a few of what my PD brings

When my arm shakes
When my head rolls
When I can't sit still
I simply remember what PD brings
And then take me another pill

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